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February 18, 2011

The Last Post :(

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After 147 posts and 815 photos, The ArtsCenter photoblog’s run on WordPress is coming to an end. The ArtsCenter transitioned to a new website and will no longer be hosting this blog. But never fear, a new photoblog will operate off the new website. To see new blog entries, go to the ArtsCenter’s website, and click on the “Blog” tab on the right. A box will drop down showing you a stream of the latest blog posts. With the new blog, instead of scrolling down the page, the pictures will rotate by themselves! How cool is that? I’ll also add a link to this blog, which will still stay up, so you can revisit old memories.

Thanks for sticking with us! Be sure to check out the new site!

-Lyndsay and Lisa

February 10, 2011

Birds and Arrows

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Birds and Arrows is coming back to the ArtsCenter!! This Friday at 8:30pm the band will give a full preview of their new album and hold a conversation and discussion time led by Tom Maxwell. The album “We’re Gonna Run” is due this spring. Your ticket price also gets you free downloads of five unreleased songs from the album. Check out this awesome flyer below, done by a Birds and Arrows friend, and be sure to see the show on Friday.


February 9, 2011

Hidden Voices: To Buy the Sun, The Challenge of Pauli Murray

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Fifteen years before Rosa Parks refused to stand, Pauli Murray refused to sit in the back of the bus; 20 years before the Greensboro sit-ins, she organized restaurant sit-downs in the nation’s capital.  Decades ahead of her time, Durham native Pauli Murray not only lived on the edge of history, she seemingly “pulled it along with her.”

The ArtsCenter brought this fantastic two-woman show to its stage Friday and Saturday night. Photos are below!

P.S. Notice that weird 50s-glamour glow on some of the images? I left my telephoto lens in the trunk of my car in the cold weather, and it fogged up completely in the indoors heat! I saved you from the foggiest of the shots, but I thought these from right before it thawed had a pretty cool effect!

Brie Nash performs as Pauli Murray.


February 3, 2011

Guess that Photo!

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So we are trying something new here at the ArtsCenter photo blog, with the goal of making the blog a little more interactive.  Instead of post multiple photos from a show or event, I am only going to post one, without the performers faces. Its your job to try and guess the show and any other details of the photo you might know. Post your guesses in the comments below. In about a week I’ll put up the answer and some other photos from the show! If we get a good response, we will continue to do this every now and then. Feel free to leave other comments or feedback about the game in the comments below as well!




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