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November 30, 2009

Backstage at the ArtsCenter: Guilty Pleasure Songs I Secretly Love That Will Ruin My Reputation

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Guilty Pleasure Songs I Secretly Love That Will Ruin My Reputation
by Tess Mangum Ocana

These are not songs I’m secretly listening to during commutes these days—I really did get that Ray Lamontagne record out of my collection, but these very commercial songs make me happy and if they do come on the radio, I won’t change the channel:

Don’t Cha’-The Pussycat Dolls (you know the one…”don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me…”)
I Need To Know-Marc Anthony
SexyBack-Justin Timberlake

November 25, 2009

Link Wednesday 11/25

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Some eye candy for you.

We’ll be taking a break for the next few days, but we’ll be back next week. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


November 24, 2009

Backstage at The Arts Center: The CD Playing In My Car 30 Minutes To Work And Back This Week, by Tess Mangum Ocana (Concerts & Facility Director)

Tess circa 1978!

We’re starting something new! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Backstage at The ArtsCenter, a new series of posts written by members of the ArtsCenter staff, talking about things they see at The ArtsCenter, why they do what they do, and what that whole “arts” thing means, anyway.

Our very first post is by Tess Mangum Ocana, the concerts and facility director at The ArtsCenter. You may have seen Tess introducing a band at a concert or heard her on 1360 WCHL’s The Arts Spot.

Let us know what you want to hear about the ArtsCenter by commenting on this post!


The CD Playing In My Car 30 Minutes To Work And Back This Week
Tess Mangum Ocana

I live in Durham, so the drive to Carrboro takes a while.  I’ve discovered a new “back way” that seems to not zap my soul as much as the chain stores, car dealerships and construction on 15-501 but I’m not going to give away the secret because it will become like 15-501.  Anyway, what I’m listening to this week is Ray Lamontagne’s debut album, Trouble.  He played here back in ’05 and I still remember the energy in the air as people took their seats in the Earl & Rhoda Wynn Theater.  Women were especially excited to see their bearded, beautiful lumberjack-looking Montagne.  I was running back and forth between my office, the gallery and backstage but remember listening to Van Morrison’s Veedon Fleece as my own mood music.  Music critics were going nuts about Montagne, saying how brilliant his first release was, and that it sounded like Neil Young and Van Morrison.  It does, but only musically.  Vocals are his own.  Some tracks sound like The Band, which ain’t a bad thing either.  Listen carefully for Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins (who played this year’s American roots Series) on fiddle and vocals.

November 21, 2009

Amanda Palmer and Nervous Cabaret

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Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls played tonight, with Nervous Cabaret opening and backing her up. They also wore really cool hats.

Check out the photos below–as always, more after the page break!


Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) sings as she plays piano during her show Friday night. More photos after the break!


November 19, 2009

Link Wednesday 11/18

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So I logged on in the middle of Lisa posting her link and kicked her off in favor of posting mine. Don’t worry though. I saw her’s and mine is much better. This week’s link is the The College Photographer of the Year competition! The annual competition recognizes photographers from schools across the country. Over 12,000 pictures and 226 multimedia projects were submitted. Results were announced last Friday. Scrolling through the list of winners, you will notice UNC students won several awards, including someone you might be familiar with.


November 17, 2009

Portrait Painting Class- The Finale!

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The fall 2009 portrait painting class at The ArtsCenter has ended. I would like to thank the teacher, model and students for letting me come and document the class. Photographers are not always the most inconspicuous people in the world and I hope I was not too distracting for the students. The paintings turned out really well, so it looks like I didn’t get in the way too much. Check out the students’ completed work and other shots from the last class by clicking more at the bottom of the post.

The finished portraits sit on their easels.

Several finished portraits sit on their easels as the class draws to a close.


November 16, 2009

PhotoNight LIV with Dave LaBelle

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It’s that time of month again! PhotoNight is tomorrow night at 7:30 in Carroll 111 (the main lecture hall) on UNC’s campus. Here is a link to LaBelle’s latest project.

Below is the official press release. It should be a good one, and it’s probably the last of the semester.



Carolina’s student chapter of the National Press Photographers Association presents PhotoNight with photographer Dave LaBelle in the Carroll Hall auditorium from 7:30-9 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17. The event is free and open to the public.

During his 40-year career, LaBelle has worked for 20 newspapers and magazines in nine states, including the Anchorage Times, The Sacramento Bee and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where he was assistant managing editor for photography.

At 19, he was the NPPA Region 10 Photographer of the Year, an honor he repeated the next two years.

LaBelle helped build Western Kentucky University’s prestigious photojournalism program during his ten years as a faculty member. No less than seven of his former students have won Pulitzer Prizes and as many are professors teaching at respected universities.

PhotoNight is an opportunity for students, professionals and enthusiasts to come together and share work. The evening is designed to give photographers the chance to learn from each other and develop their own styles. PhotoNights are held around the world, providing an avenue for the enhancement of the photojournalism community.

November 13, 2009

intimacies by Michael Kearns

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Michael Kearns brought “intimacies,” his one-man six-character show, to the ArtsCenter Friday and will perform again tomorrow–Saturday–at 8 p.m. His show includes six characters–look at the photos below to find out more about them.

Between 6 and 8 tomorrow night before the show, there will be free AIDS tests at the ArtsCenter, serving anyone who comes–whether you’re seeing the show or not. The ArtsCenter is partnering with UNC’s Center for Aids Research and SHAC, UNC’s Free Medical Clinic, in addition to working in conjunction with UNC’s Department of Communication Studies’ Solo Takes On: A Festival of One-Performance Performances.

Kearns, who revealed his HIV-positive status in 1991, wrote “intimacies” 20 years ago to commemorate World AIDS Day. Tickets for tomorrow night’s show are $15, with special prices of $13 for members and $10 for students.

I got in to do a private photo shoot before Kearns’s tonight–here are the faces of some of Kearns’s characters. More photos after the page break!



Kearns portrays Fernando, a gay flamenco dancer. More photos after the page break!


November 11, 2009

Link Wednesday VIII

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Your link today is another depressing but incredible one–a photo story on the aftermath of nuclear weapons testing in Kazakhstan (when it was part of the USSR) by Getty photographer Ed Ou. Check out his use of light and reflections to tell the story of the effects of radiation poisoning.


The April Verch Band

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The April Verch Band visited the ArtsCenter this weekend delivering a great show to an enthusiastic crowd. Click the “more” link below for some shots of the show, including Verch’s amazing step dancing!

April Verch plays the fiddle accompanied by Cody Walters on banjo and Clay Ross on guitar.

April Verch plays the fiddle accompanied by Cody Walters, left, and Clay Ross, right.


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