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February 27, 2010

Paperhand Puppet Intervention: Love and Robots, A Puppet Rock Opera

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I made it to the last 5 minutes of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention show tonight–and it looks awesome. Below are some photos, but I have no idea what was going on in any of them except that there were robots! You’ll have to come to the show–Sunday at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., March 5, 6 and 7 at 8 p.m. and March 7 at 3 p.m.–to find out. More here:



February 24, 2010

Link Wednesday

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My link this week is not related to The ArtsCenter or photography–I just really like it and want to share it! It’s 8Tracks, a cool way to share playlists with people around the world. The best part is that you can upload anything you want into your playlist.


February 17, 2010

Link Wednesday

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In the spirit of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and because I am something of an Olympics nerd, your link this week is the official photography page of the Games in Vancouver. You can sort through photos of your favorite sport (my personal favorite is always figure skating) or relive the opening ceremony through the lenses of some of the world’s best sports photographers. Enjoy!


Love to Haiti

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Last Sunday, in celebration of Valentine’s Day and to lend a hand to a good cause, the ArtsCenter hosted a Love to Haiti Benefit Day. Visitors were able to enjoy to enjoy a little taste of activities the ArtsCenter normally offers, including painting, handbuilding, bookmaking and dancing lessons. All proceeds benefited Hearts with Haiti, an independent nonprofit organization in Raleigh. Hearts with Haiti sponsors three children’s homes in the country. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this event such a success! And as always, don’t forget to click more to see more great photos from this awesome event!


Children, with some help from their parents, make Valentine's Day cards.


February 14, 2010

Karla Bonoff

Karla Bonoff has been described as one of the finest singer-songwriters of her generation.  And in her case, that description is not hyperbole.  During her nearly 40-year career, Bonoff has enjoyed critical acclaim, commercial success, enduring popularity and the unwavering respect of her peers.  Karla has seen her songs become hits for such stellar artists as Bonnie Raitt, Wynonna Judd and Linda Ronstadt.

Karla played to a sold-out ArtsCenter last night. Photos below, and don’t forget Love to Haiti today!


Karla Bonoff sings and plays guitar.


February 13, 2010

Transactors Improv: The LOVE Show

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The Transactors improv troupe put on their annual Valentine’s Day loved-themed show last night. Photos of the craziness are below (as always, more after the page jump)!

Don’t forget to check out Love to Haiti at The ArtsCenter tomorrow from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. All proceeds go to Hearts with Haiti, an independent nonprofit organization headquartered in Raleigh that supports three children’s homes in Haiti.


Two Transactors kiss onstage. As part of their Valentine's Day show tradition, each cast member must kiss every other cast member at some point during the show.


February 12, 2010

Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day?

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Come to the ArtsCenter on Valentine’s Day and help relief efforts in Haiti!

There will be dancing, painting, valentine-making and lots more–click here or on the flyer above for more info.

February 11, 2010

YPAC: Show Choir Class

The Youth Performing Arts Conservatory held a weeklong show choir class (like in Glee!) for teens, and I got to go to their performance of a medley from “Bye Bye Birdie” on Sunday. The class was so good, there’s talk of forming a traveling troupe that would perform in the area. Photos below!


Click “more” to see more photos!


February 5, 2010

20% Off YPAC classes this week!

February 3, 2010

Link Wednesday

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Your link this week is to the site of a former fashion photographer who has turned to documentary photography. In trying to describe it, I could not do her work justice so here, instead, are her own words.

“A few simple words about what I am trying to say, coming back from a long tiring day spent in one of the poorest neighborhoods here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I do ask myself sometimes why I spend all of my time and funds to get to a certain place and meet certian people to try to make a story. The answer I get is always the same. If others could meet these people I´ve meet today, feel their pain, joy, hear their stories of hope, yet their little boys will most not likely reach their 20’s because of all of the violence and drugs on the streets. Someone told me there should be a warning text for sensitive viewers before going into some of my sections on my website. I told him, ‘That is exactly what I´m not going to provide. I want to disturb people, wake them up, make them feel something, make them take some action, be open for discussion. Many people live in little bubbles these days, more concerned about how to get a hold of the next BMW or talk about their ´´depression`. It all comes down to educating myself and others, to make others and myself feel more empathy. To shake others and myself up from our daily routines, to stop and rethink and appreciate what we already have, because so many people have much less.”



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