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November 11, 2009

Link Wednesday VIII

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Your link today is another depressing but incredible one–a photo story on the aftermath of nuclear weapons testing in Kazakhstan (when it was part of the USSR) by Getty photographer Ed Ou. Check out his use of light and reflections to tell the story of the effects of radiation poisoning.


October 14, 2009

Link Wednesday IV

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Today’s link is the portfolio of Streeter Lecka, who graduated from UNC’s journalism school not too long ago, got an internship with Getty Images, went $15,000 into debt to buy sports gear, and ended up being a really fantastic sports shooter.

He’s based out of Charlotte now and shoots a lot of car racing, but he’s done a bit of everything in the sports world. Check it out!



I’ve decided to get in on this link thing to. Last summer several UNC journalism students spent six weeks in the Galapogos, exploring the islands and documenting life there. Their final projects are multimedia presentations. The website just went live last night.

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