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February 3, 2010

Link Wednesday

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Your link this week is to the site of a former fashion photographer who has turned to documentary photography. In trying to describe it, I could not do her work justice so here, instead, are her own words.

“A few simple words about what I am trying to say, coming back from a long tiring day spent in one of the poorest neighborhoods here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I do ask myself sometimes why I spend all of my time and funds to get to a certain place and meet certian people to try to make a story. The answer I get is always the same. If others could meet these people I´ve meet today, feel their pain, joy, hear their stories of hope, yet their little boys will most not likely reach their 20’s because of all of the violence and drugs on the streets. Someone told me there should be a warning text for sensitive viewers before going into some of my sections on my website. I told him, ‘That is exactly what I´m not going to provide. I want to disturb people, wake them up, make them feel something, make them take some action, be open for discussion. Many people live in little bubbles these days, more concerned about how to get a hold of the next BMW or talk about their ´´depression`. It all comes down to educating myself and others, to make others and myself feel more empathy. To shake others and myself up from our daily routines, to stop and rethink and appreciate what we already have, because so many people have much less.”



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