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November 11, 2010

PlaySlam! 8

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The 8th annual PlaySlam! came to the ArtsCenter this weekend. The audience was treated to an evening of competition as playwrights competed for fame and the $100 prize.

Here’s how it works: Playwrights each submit two very short plays, 1-3 minutes long. Actors come in at 5 p.m. and spend a hectic three hours with their playwrights until showtime at 8 p.m. Each playwright presents a play in the first round, and then the audience votes for its five favorites. Votes are tallied, and the top five writers present their second plays in the second round. The audience votes again for its favorite, and the playwrights field questions from the audience while the final tally is counted. Then, the winner takes all!

Check out some photos from the event below, click “more…” to see photos from all of the short plays!


The winning playwright holds his $100 prize.

"Teacher Conference"

"Her Purse"

"The Pact"

"Last Rights"

"Scan This!," an audience favorite.

"Scan This!"

"Where's the Zen?"



"Out to Lunch"

"Jesus and Pollo, the Headless Chicken"

"Fill Her Up"

"Time Away," written by the winning playwright.

"The iPhone"

"Tell Me a Story"

That concluded the first round of plays. The audience voted for its top five favorites, and those playwrights presented a second play to compete for the grand prize! I don’t have the names of the last five plays except for the winner, so bear with me please!

"One Life," the winning play.

A playwright answers a question from the audience while final votes are tallied.


The youngest playwright, who wrote "The iPhone" in hopes of getting her own iPhone from her parents, makes another playwright laugh as she talks about working with the actors.

Playwrights congratulate the winner.

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