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October 30, 2009

Transactors Improv with Killer Filler

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Transactors Improv put on a spooky Halloween-themed show tonight, with Killer Filler providing some eerie tunes. Lots of stabbing, lots of fun. I’m trying something new… more photos after the page break (on the bottom left at the end of the post)!

Happy Halloween!



Transactors improv company members playing evil child spirits surround and torment a company member playing a child.


Improv-ing a job interview, a Transactor asks another company member about his greatest flaw.


Chris Bess of Killer Filler plays keyboards during a musical interlude, during which Transactors improvved different ways to kill each other.


An improv vampire, just before sucking the blood of an innocent Transactor.


Two Transactors laugh as another provides funny sound effects on the side of the stage.


A company member in front of two shadowy members of Killer Filler.


A company member swings another around as he kills her.


A dead Transactor lies on the ArtsCenter stage.


My personal favorite photo of the night: zombie attack!!!

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