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October 28, 2009

Link Wednesday VI

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I can’t believe it’s the sixth week of Link Wednesday! Here’s a special one: Mediastorm. It’s a really interesting multimedia website that a UNC professor, Chad Stevens, has done some work for. Some very interesting, very sad pieces.


Volunteer for The ArtsCenter!

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Here’s a note from Executive Director Ed Camp:


Mike Doughty with Andrew “Scrap” Livingston

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Mike Doughty and Andrew “Scrap” Livingston played a (mostly) acoustic set tonight, answering questions from the audience throughout the “Question Jar” show. Here are some shots!



Mike Doughty plays his indie/alternative rock on his acoustic guitar.


Andrew "Scrap" Livingston takes a break from playing cello and electric guitar to answer audience questions.


Doughty is lost for words as her attempts to answer an audience member's question.


Audience members laugh at Doughty's answers to some questions, which asked him to name 25 Jennifers (based on a Doughty song title), to explain complex topics in physics and how he established his musical style.


Doughty throws an answered question, written on a slip of pink paper, over his shoulder.


Crumpled up answered questions lie on the floor behind Livingston's electric guitar.


Doughty sings as he plays guitar in one of his indie/alt rock songs.

Livingston plays cello, seen from backstage (with a starburst effect overhead!)

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